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gsa ser stuck (unresponsive) 2 times within 10 hours

GiorgosKGiorgosK Greece
edited November 2012 in Bugs
with either one of the last 2 updates I had (4.67 & 4.68) I had it crash/unresponsive
1 time for each update

the last crash I noted it was stuck on verifying links and the log time was 5 hours before the time I checked it

I have not added any new project or have not changed anything to any project for the last 2 days
before those updates everything was working fine with 100 threads and public proxies (12 projects)
but this is on my home PC with plenty of memory 4GB all to its own working with since the last 90 days
without any unresposiveness before

I don't know what I could be doing wrong since I did not change any to the settings/projects


  • SvenSven

    I didn't change anything that could have caused this really. If you have a look in the changelog you might see that I just fixed things or changed things on totally unimportant things. You are also the first I got to know with these problems. Though if you can reproduce this somehow send me the settings/project backup and I have a closer look.

    Right now I don't know where to look at sorry.

  • I realized that I moved a project from a friend's GSA SER using the recommended backup/restore proccedure
    and was the only thing that I added to the problematic machine

    after I posted this issue I went and stopped that particular project and since then I did not get any freeze

    what could it be from that project (that was working without a problem on the other machine) that might have caused this or could it be just a coincedence ?
  • SvenSven
    No clue really. Can you send me that project to have a look?
  • I will try again and see if that is really the case (broken project)
    so far without it I did not have GSA stuck for 2 days
  • i often get stuck. it keep going but CS not get any new captcha any more, it seem gsa just doing nothing.
  • SvenSven
    "it seems" ... you can be sure if nothing in log happens. If CS does not get any new captchas sent (and it did previously) it seems to me that CS broke again. Check there new patches.
  • i also found what after some time - lot of active projects not submitting anymore, all times only verification and email checking. when i trying to restart project and click on status to stop it - it changed to 'stopping' status and i cannot do anything with it. Even after full night it have same stopping status. But I unable to stop all projects to fix it via top button because it will restart all projects (including which on pause now/verification reached).

    Can you fix it please? At least to make 'Stopping' status work!!!
  • I think happens something like thread is dead, but gsa trying to stop it and think it live.
  • threads easily can due without notes if you changing 'number of threads' value, because sometimes it overloading system and need to decrease it or make high if computer not used in current time.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    I have suffered the same thing. Yesterday gsa run without any problem.

    This gives some idea of the way it was running



    Reset my vps at midnight on my normal 12hr reboot I do and woke to this




    Nothing had been changed in over 24hrs


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