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verify links problem


Today I experienced a strange thing when I tried to verify one of my project links manually,  it done it as usuall and popup appeard and asked as usuall what to remove, I choosed a bad links and timout and it remover everything including live links, I have then tested it on another project and I had the same result all backlinks from verified list dissapeared, dead links and live links.

Do you experienced something like this recently ?
I didn`t do that for a long time manually let the GSA do the verification i automode but today tried to do it manually and all the backlinks from verified list was removed, dead ones and live links.


  • SvenSven
    Ups you might be right...I must have made a mistake in latest version. New update in a minute sorry.
  • ok, thanks, I am lucky I didn`t verivied all the projects at once (((: cos had no backup of my projects
  • SvenSven
    the links would get saved to a file anyway where you can restore them.
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