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I need help with e-mail verification


When I look at my submitted links, I see a LOT of really good Wordpress and Drupal sites on the making, but in the url it says "awaiting e-mail verification."

How could I get those accounts verified? Do I need to use proxies on e-mails and allow them to be checked faster than every 15 minutes, or how does it work?

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    Every platform has a set (different for each platform) time for verification. Just wait for it to verify - if it works you have a nice link, if it doesn't move on. SER will wait 5 days for the verification email to arrive, if it doesn't SER assumes it was a fail.


  • @Ferryman, ah! I didn't even think that the verification might not be instantaneous!

    Okay... I'm about to move on to another set of projects, so that's why I'm asking.

    What do you think about that 15 minute time restraint between logins? Doesn't that sound a bit high?
  • why do you want to log in more often? is something important going to happen in those 15 minutes?

    You can check if you can log in more often and then judge by the amount of temporary bans if it was too fast.
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