Selecting Keywords...Why So Many??

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Ok I been reading a lot on here about how many users put in hundreds of keywords to get sites to post to. This is confusing to me.

In the keyword field I was putting in ONLY the keywords I wanted to rank for. Most times its about 5-10 keywords. If my keywords are based around say SEO then why would i use hundreds more then I am not trying to rank for?

Also in the Anchor text field I would select the box to use keywords as anchor and then dillute it a but by using generics at about 60% If I check the use keywords as anchors now it will use all those hundreds of keywords again I do not want to rank for.

So can anyone advise the reason for hundreds of keywords that I may never use?


  • SvenSven
    Keywords are used to find target sites for some engines like Blog Comments.Usually people use other keywords in the anchor texts that they want to improve the ranking for.
  • Ok so then the keywords are used generally to find sites to post to NOT per say to use to rank for unless I were to select the box,..I get it now
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