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Need To Purchase Email Account Creator

I'm trying to purchase the email Account Creator software, but I'm getting a message that it's not for sale.  Any answer on how to purchase the product? It's said that it available to GSA forum members, but I still can't get access to it.



  • I bought this awhile back but after the last update it's not working anymore. Some crap about creating a catch-all account if you want to create aliases, where I provided a working hotmail account for that unknown purpose, and then it ran (tried to) for like 2 hours and didn't do squat. Proxes verified fine, DBC and GSA CB verified fine, just account creator not working. Clicked the HELP button, which only has INSTALL FLASH for help -- wth??  Wasted money sending me back to fiverr?
  • nm, rtfm, do NOT use hotmail as your catchall account, working.

  • Thanks for answering my question squawk.  I have not set up any accounts, I don't want to be creating accounts manually.  I purchased everything except for the email account set up software.  Im going to need the software that is compatible to the GSA captcha software. 
  • todays yahoo email is best to put in gsa ser... just make some setting in your yahoo mail pop up 3 and enjoy ..
  • i was getting my yahoo mails from banditim, $15/1000 and was very happy. but they aren't selling yahoo anymore. now only selling nokia and
  • I think you should not go for account creator. simply buy email address in cheap rates from this forum.
  • @BigGulpsHuhWelp Thanks. Gonna check it.
  • @BigGulpsHuhWelp

    Cool. Thanks for the info.
  • Where is the cheapest or best place to buy email accounts? I really wanted to buy wizmail but it appears to be quite expensive now $99 plus $9.99 p.month. Is there a cheaper way to get 2k emails per month?
    I would prefer my own account creation system and one off fee but can't seem to find anything suitable!! Its a minefield.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated...
    Happy New Year.
    Kind Regards
    Mark Mc
    Liverpool UK
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    wizmail actually has stop working for like 2 months, and the author of that tool haven't reply my tickets for 42 days till now, I have tried submit ticket through the help desk, also email him, nothing came back.
    stop buying wizmail people. same apply to account creator plus, something changed then it stopped working, last ticket was submitted 20 days ago, no reply. 
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    Yeah... I have found that Wizmail performance is pretty abysmal... Sometimes it worked sometimes it didnt. Disappointing tool overall. Gabi Florea, the guy who designed the tool, was ok at responding a couple months ago but havent tried in a while. 
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