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Need help with gsa

My settings for gsa ranker is

Submission: threads to use 200
html timeout is 120 and bandwith is 512 kb/s
i use 10 semidedicated proxys.
i use them for search engines and submission and verification, the other public proxys or those proxys that gsa gets automatic is used for all other things.

i use captcha sniper only for getting captchas solved. 
i also build site lists that can be used globally by each project, submitted and verified is checked in the advance section in options.

keywords that i use is only 10 related keywords to my anchors and with those keywords i do scrape engines for targets urls using united states search engines and english language is selected. And i dont have any pr filter checked wich means i dont care if i built links that is not authority links.

i have also baught 500 emails from some seller on fiverr, all the emails are hotmail and when i import them to gsa they are not working at all maybe 10 of total 500 is passing. And also of them 10 emails i have not setup them to make sure they are not blocking spam.

I thaught since i have 1 email from gsa automatically by and one i created from hotmail with pop 3 enable.

but it doesn't work.


  • goonergooner
    Add more keywords and add more emails would be a good starting point.
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