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Indexer: Skips imported URLs with same domain

edited August 2012 in Need Help
I have a few files of URLs every day that I import into GSA SEO Indexer. These files contain URLs that sometimes have the same domain, but point to a different article, so technically a different URL.

I just noticed that it appears Indexer skips the second file in the import that shares the domain of an article that had been submitted in that session. One way around this is to close the session of Indexer after each individual import is completed to reset, but that seems painful.

Is there a reason in Indexer that it skips any URL with a domain previously indexed in that current session? It may have to do with best practices. If it's an oversight, it'd be great to have control over whether Indexer skips those URLs.


  • SvenSven
    You are right. This is fixed the the upcoming version. The problem was that the program skipped URLs with the same domain as it didn't had any "deep link indexing" sites in it's database in old version. But as it now has, it makes no sense to skip these URLs. So please update and that new version will index the URLs as well.
  • Excellent! Thanks Sven. You all are fast!
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