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GSA E-Commerce Site Setup

I've been reading many posts on different Tier setups, how to use anchor text, generic text etc.

I have several e-commerce sites with 500-10000 or so products. So I have 500-10000 pages on my sites.
Here's are my questions.

Lets say one of the sites is in the Supplement industry.
Obviously there are tons of generic supplement keywords like (body building supplements, sports supplements etc) 
There are also many category keywords like, protein, creatine, fat loss, weight loss etc.
Then there are the product keywords themselves. Like ABC Company Protein.

So, needless to say there are thousands of keywords to go after.

I'm wondering weather to blast most of the links at my root url, or build individual tier campaigns to my category pages, or send links to all of my thousands of inner pages, or all of the above?

With 10K+ pages, it's impossible to build a tier to each one of those effectively, I could however build tiers to my home page and category pages.

I'm just wondering if anyone has had success using thousands of inner pages to build links to vs their main domain or category pages.

Any insight or recommendations are appreciated.


  • category level and then popular products, but leave it at that
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    As davbel said, category pages are awesome as they contain products, but make sure they have their own content introducing the category and link to a few popular products. I'm in the same boat with one client and their site is 300k pages. The category pages have lots of content on them and are ranking for some pretty major keywords. If your on-page is awesome then G will shuffle the product pages up the ranks even if you don't hit the actual product page.

    Also, use 100% naked links. No one really uses anchors to product sites so you shouldn't either. I wouldn't even use branded anchors but that's personal preference.
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    So you're saying send links to category pages, but don't use anchors, just use

    Then just rely on the "on page" elements to get it ranked better?

    Do you set up a whole tier system per category, or do you just create one tiered project in gsa and add your category links in there as well?
  • Yes, I'd say if you want to be safe to use 100% instead of anchor texts. Your on-page tells the spiders what the page is about. Most people fail with on-page SEO and I know that running an e-commerce site it means a lot of work but site structure and on-page is what makes a good online business. 

    I do my tiers different to most people I bet but yeah do a tier per category. 

    No don't have one project and add in more URLs, unless you do 100% naked links, or you'd get the wrong anchor per URL.
  • Tier per category as @JudderMan says and I'd also mix in some long tail KW / anchors such as "Red Widgets from".

    Have a look at your long established competitors' link profiles and see how they get linked to and develop your ideas from that.
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