What are the alternatives to hotmail?

Since now all hotmail accounts must have phone verification enabled to use them with gsa ser, what is the alternative email services that offer pop3 and spam filter disabled like hotmail used to have?


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    Yahoo, I get a load from Fiverr work like a treat!
  • Yahoo would work, but if you're in a rush you just create your own 'mailcatch' disposible emails from within SER, as they also work fine.
  • i just got 2400 yahoo emails from buybulkaccount.com within an hour. I was using the catchall method in the meantime.
  • what phone verification are you talking about?
  • vuli hotmail ask to verify accounts with phone. 
    I'm also looking for some good alternatives. 
    2Take2 Can you please explain more how do you use this ?

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    did they add this in the last day or something ? because I created some accounts a couple days ago and did not have to verify
  • yes, that I am asking my self too.
    I made also few accounts with different ip, maybe a two weeks ago and i remember you need to enter phone no. or atelranitve email for security reasons. I added to ~ 5 account the same textplus number and that is all.

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    Hotmails are fine people if you create them properly. All our accounts are working solid and we have sold thousands of working accounts in the past 24 hours.
  • Here's another alternative:

  • @BanditIM Bought credits today but saying the same message for more than 5 hours:

    Demand for email addresses has been extremely high within the last 24 hours. We are currently working to create and load more accounts. Check back within one hour.

    I've been kinda waiting to replace emails and its difficult without you enabling again.

    So if possible, do it ASAP.

    Thank you.
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    @Pratik - We're back up. Since we're currently the only provider of Hotmail we had an overwhelming amount of orders (when I happened to be asleep). I created a bunch more this morning, so we're back up in business. Sorry for the wait.
  • hotmailaccounthotmailaccount buybulkaccount.com
    Hi, hotmails cann't register now, all old hotmails blocked by microsoft, only outlooks and yahoos work with GSA SER now.
    And we back too, we can offer outlook/yahoo for your GSA SER.:x
  • @BanditIM Thanks, appreciate it. :)
  • All my hotmails accounts are not working anymore. Where should I go to buy a list of emails I can use for GSA SER?
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO http://blazingseollc.com/proxy
    @philippe - Sign up for an account at admin.banditim.com and purchase our accounts, they're all working fine after the latest Hotmail update :)
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    Buy a domain name and u can setup unlimited amount of emails. They are fast, they are stable, noone will ban you
  • hi...i use this FREE trick and it works very well. PM me if you are interested.
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