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Scraping 101

Alright, I've tried to chime in on a couple of discussions slightly regarding this issue and opened up threads on different forums, but the answers have been 'unsatisfying' to say the least. So I'm hoping for some quality input from you guys.
Ever since I bought GSA I feel like the only thing I've been doing is scrape and create lists, but with overwhelmingly low success. I'm using the built-in scraper and public proxies, because every other method I've looked up looked extremely expensive, or was described in a halfass tutorial.

Scraping - how do I approach this?
  1. Which scraping tool should I use? (ScrapeBox, GScraper, SER built-in, ..)
    • What are the differences between those tools? Especially SB and GS? I've read that GS is extensively burning through proxies.
  2. Proxies - how many and which kind? Scrapers are burning through proxies much faster, than SER submitter, right?
    • Is it a good idea to use SER's built-in scraper with private proxies to speed things up? (Provided you've ticked a lot of search engines so you won't be submitting requests to Google only)
  3. Any tutorials worth watching/reading? All the tutorials I find are related to the tool being used (Scrapebox, GScraper, etc.) I'm rather looking for a basic scraping tutorial

I'd really appreciate your help on this guys, because right now I'm kinda lost. I don't know what tool to use, or if I even need a scraping tool, since my projects are rather small right now.

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