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SEO spy glass


i've downloaded the demo version of GSA captcha breaker but that doesn't work with seo spy glass so far.

I respected what is explained to make it work, i've tried different other ways: host file, captcha code etc etc.... but even by doing this, i still haven't solved my problem.

If someone knows how to do it. Got only 3 days left on my demo ^^. But i really cannot don't understand what i do wrong...


  • SvenSven
    I don't own that software but what captcha services does it support?
  • it is SEO powersuite, SEO spy glass, rank tracker etc... Link Assistant should work (that's them :) ) They have their own system.

    I've tried everything i could but i cannot find the solution.
  • SvenSven
    edited May 2014

    1. start SEO Spy Glass

    2. start CB

    3. enable LinkAssist in options and read the hint on it

    4. enter that suggested api key in SEO Spy Glass and test it

  • i've tried that but nothing happened. It works with GSA SER but with the link assistant option active, webserver etc.... there's nothing at all.
  • Well, there was the host issue, i forgot to write that. So i remove the link assistant line from the hosts file
  • SvenSven
    you have to have a clean host file when starting that and later cb has to add that host redirection to make captcha simulation work.
  • Yes Sven, i've done it with a clean hosts file but after that, i've tried a few other ways :)

    So here is what i've tried so far:
    - classic way = start seo spy glass, start CB => no results
    - seo spy glass then i removed the link-assistant line from the hosts file
    - with webserver / without webserver (but the 2nd option shouldn't work anyway)
    - i've tried a few other ways but i don't really remember :p

    Important: i blocked link assistant website which means that i cannot connect to it anyway (i use a firewall in order to do that), i cannot make it work if i do that with the hosts file option.
  • SvenSven
    Well if you block there website in firewall, its not working of course.
  • Why wouldn't that work?

    I mean, the software works, the captcha works if i use it manually. CB should receive all the captcha right? i'm not sure about that but if you add the link-assistant line to the hosts file,is that different than having a firewall?
  • SvenSven
    Yes, because the software does not resolve the host by itself but sends a query that is seen by the firewall. It will block it and return some error or empty page whatever you use. Captcha Breaker will not even see it.
  • ok, thanks for your answers :) i will try it without firewall then
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