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Tier Structure - Quantity or Quality?

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Title may be a bit misleading, but I didn't know how else to phrase it within the limited amount of characters.

Anyways - here's my question:
While reading through the forums it was only a matter of time until I'd hit @ron 's post about how many links each tier should have pointing to each URL of the tier above. He mentioned that for each T1 link there should be x10 T2 links and for each T2 link x10 T3 links.
Now, there's a problem I see with his recommendation. I, for example, am targeting a small niche and it's pretty much impossible for me to come up with enough articles/content and enough relevant/contextual URLs to post to.

So, I'm wondering, what's more effective: Say I've scraped URLs relevant to my niche and after applying all the filters I end up with 10k URLs. Should I now use very strict filters and build a rather weak 3 tiered structure which will result in very few T1 links (because I'd have to split 10k URLs on 3 tiers and each lower tier has 5-10x links pointing to 1 link of the tier above it), or should I go with a very strong 2 tiered structure (this way I could spread my 10k links on only 2 tiers and have way more T1 links, but only few backup, because there's just one tier below it)

I haven't seen any thread about this very topic (2 tiers vs 3 tiers) and I'm really interested in what you guys think.
I've got li
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