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Should Express Engine Be on Captcha Breaker?

Im trying to find the reason why my verifieds are just dropping off the face of the earth, even with site lists... so ive come to captcha breaker and cant see express engine on there, should it be?


  • SvenSven
    I don't know why but it's all there for me!?
  • im SO confused...

    my contextuals dropped off the face of the eart overnight, no express engines hardly at all, but checked captcha breaker and it wasnt processing hardly any captchas... i have death by captcha too, so now ive selected use gsa only, got rid of  death by captcha, and even though captcha breaker isnt showing to process any captchas, im verifying a much higher rate of express engine articles after ive eleted the target url history, and pasted in ONLY express engine articles into my projects....

    any ideas?!
  • SvenSven
    You propably mean XpressEngine? That doesn't come with any captcha.
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