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Awful Performasnce Since Settings Lost & Last Update

Hi Everyone

Im not sure whats going on, but yesterday I restarted my laptop, to open GSA back up to find it had lost loads of verifieds, deleted all my options and moved all prjects to different groups. Since ive gone in and set my settings back up, Im getting a shocking number of verifieds... Im running Rons most recent blue list, and just as an example, for some tier 4's I have scheduled posting on - and I cranked it up to 0 wait time, 2000 posts per account, 40 accounts per site with 40 emails, and have had 72 contextual verifieds overnight. Im not having any other problems e.g.LPM, and the secondary tiers are working as good as they were before, but does anyone have any ideas? 

Ive also gone back in to projects and deleted target URL cache, target URL history, and deleted all verifieds and submited from the top of the tree tiers, but even with scheduled posting cranked up so much ,its literally drip feeding me verifieds....

FYI - I paste site list into each project rather than running from global sites lists. And finally, I was getting at least 7VPM before this issue, now less than 2 !


  • I have just noticed that captcha breaker is going 10 minutes sometimes without reading a captcha... surely this ant be right
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