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I have problem with my GSA. Would like to get some help please

Hi I have been using GSA SER for 2 weeks but my GSA is not running as it should. I have read all the posts about increasing LpM but I still have very low LpM. I'm getting like 0.00 to like 12.00 LpM. At first it may run like up to 12.00 LpM but then it goes down to 1 to 0.80 I would appreciate if someone help me and tell me what I'm doing wrong. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks

screen captures:


  • Where do you get the targets from? Do you scrape them or did you buy a list?
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    I scraped like 850000 urls with gscraper and load it in to the GSA but had no good result and very low LpM so I talked to my friend who also has GSA and she just puts keywords in and runs the GSA and get good result so she suggested that I do the same. After I did that I still have no result!
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