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Hello there,

there are some big problems with creating articles in drupal. I scraped with a lot of footprints more than 15.000 Drupal Blogs where submitting articles is possible (i know, because i searched for keywords like "ugg boots" and stuff, so the sites already got used ;) )

for 1000 submissions i only get 30 verified links.

one problem is that gsa is not able to login, it always says that username or password is wrong, but that's another story (was already mentioned by another user but not solved, will create another thread for that and use debug mode)

the second error i had to read for already about 1000 times (no joke) is:
"registration failed - the password does not not include variation"

but thats not all.

i took all the verified urls of one project (the articles really got posted, checked them and all are verified)

...and wanted to use them for another project (different article, different email)

the interesting thing:

80 of 100 (!!!!) doesn't work, because GSA says:
"registration failed - the password does not include variation"

So i ran debug-mode, checked the HTML-files i saw the following:

the problem is NOT that the password doe not include enough variation.

EVERYTIME the problem is that the username which was used ALREADY HAS BEEN REGISTERED BY SOME OTHER USER!

i don't know how the usernames are generated - but the problem is really there. All usernames where chosen with RANDOM

and all of them looked like this:

knaomi - was already registered
lamarq - was already registered
jenni7p - was already registered
ytorsten - was already registered

of course i used a completely different e-mail adress for every try.

so let's summarize: the usernames which gsa wants to use are all already registered.
registered from me in another project (but then why gsa does use it again in a totally different project?)
or registered from another user of gsa (but then why gsa isn't able to generate different usernames?)

now my second problem

i wanted to see what happens when i manually choose a username for myself.
so i did not use random.
once before i have also chosen a username myself.

GSA DOESN'T SEEM TO BE ABLE TO UPDATE THE USERNAME AND STILL USES THE OLD ONE! (a username that i have manually chosen before OR a random username that was created by gsa, but this option is turned OFF!)

changed user name
clicked ok
deleted target url cache
deleted target url history

GSA still uses the same nickname. (seen in debug mode of another try, already registered)

shut down gsa
deleted target url cache
deleted target url history
GSA still uses the same nickname. (seen in debug mode of another try)

changed username

and so on and so on..gsa still uses the old one.

using a new username is very important for me so that i can see if the first problem could be solved with using own usernames and not random.

if sven has any questions, i also can explain everything in german because i'm from germany.

with best regards


  • It's just rational to create your own highly spun username + pw syntax - we did that right from the beginning and switch it 1x a month
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
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    About the variations: It's true that some created logins might trigger a "already used" message. I will improve that for upcoming version to have more unique logins created. 

    About the wrong message of password variations: Just saw the problem as it is a hidden text on some sites that shows only when the password is typed. But physically it is in the html code. I fixed that now for the upcoming version.

    About the account data not getting updated when you do: Thats normal as a created account is not cleared when you clear target url cache/history. I can see the problem though. For now you need to delete the *.static file in your project folder. Next version will offer you the ability to delete them as well when deleting the target url history.

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