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Choosing the right Content Scraper (+Spinner)

hi guys,
I'm currently looking for a good article scraper + spinner, but the vast selection is making my head spin and by now I don't even know what the f* to do.

I'm basically looking for a way to scrape content/articles for my niches. I've looked into article builder, which is 300$ and definitely too expensive for me.
Right now I just don't know where to get the content from (I'll be using it for my T2/T3 and maybe some T1 sites, for my low quality niches).
I've even thought about googling for articles on my topic and then just spin them. In other words, do the content scraping manually.
Any comments on that?

My spinner of choice is going to be The Best Spinner, I think. It looks pretty good and isn't too expensive, either. Additionally to that it comes with a good looking piece of software which allows me to manually spin my quality T1 articles.

Any help is highly appreciated.


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    Get Article Lite (free)
    WordAi ($20pm) Set to super unique

    Load them into files/Dropbox and get SER to pull from them using %spin folder%. 

    Cheap, it works, it can be made better (WordAi Turing $60pm) but for me it's awesome = 100s of articles spun massively = millions of combinations = unique content for months and months.
  • @JudderMan Sounds great. I've tried to find a working version of Article Lite, but I wasn't able. All the downloads I've tried were either spam or simply broken.
    Mind helping me out?

    But one question though - WordAI standard plan isn't that exceptionally good, is it? I've read a couple of spun texts and it's good, there's no doubt about that, but not really good. Don't know about the Turing plan. This might be a game changer.
    However, the reason I brought this up, content scrapers/spinners like WAC are of the same quality, as far as I know and it has a built-in scraper and it's only a one time payment.
    I'm just wondering if it might not be better to go for WAC instead of the lite version of WordAI.
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    The content I'm generating with WAC is complete garbage. It doesn't make any sense at all, but it's extremely unique and that's only why I am using it.

    If you use the super unique option in WordAI then sure it's not exceptionally good, but I highly doubt you will find any other "one click" spinner that does a better job than WordAI. There's no comparison between the output of WordAI and how WAC smashes hundreds of articles together.

    And that's an awesome way to do things @JudderMan!
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    @fakenickahl Thanks for your input. It's actually quite amazing and confusing at the same time how extreme the differences between each and every testimonial for a piece of software in this business is.
    I've read so many people praise WAC as the best thing that has ever happened and then there's people like you who tell the complete opposite.
    It's just really hard for people like me to figure out which way to go and which software to buy.

    Nevertheless, @JudderMan 's idea sounds really good and since WordAI has a 3-day trial I'll just go ahead and try it. If I like I'll stick with it, if not, I'll have to start looking around again.

    Has anyone made any experience with SEOcontentMachine? They've got a 5-day trial which can be renewed again and again and it's got an article scraper.
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    As fakenickahl said, you don't want readable, you want unique, you can't have both unless you're prepared to pay $ per word (I used to be a copywriter years it's mad for me to say that but the career move into SEO has paid off over and over and over).

    WordAi is more than fine, it even tells you how unique it is. I go for 90%+ I can get titles 100% unique every time. It takes a little time and I can write insanely quickly, but it's certainly working for me.

    Never tried Turing, but it's meant to be great. I like to keep costs down so $60pm on content spinning isn't in my game plan....I do have 4 dedicated servers and multiple tools, copies of SER/CB etc.

    It's "Get Article" ---> :)

    My process is:

    Get Article (use proxies)
    Zip the output file
    Bulk spin with WordAi
    Create KW folders on Desktop/Dropbox for each project and load spyntax content into them.
    SER pulls from %spin folder%
    BAM, no more content worries after you've set it up.

  • @JudderMan
    Thanks for your descriptive post.
    I think I'll play around a little with your method. I guess the content you create this way is for lower tiers and spam links, isn't it?

    Right now, I don't really know how to approach my T1 content building. Do you write articles yourself and then manually spin them?
  • I've just bought AutoContentWriter (check BHW for discount code), which is pretty cool for T1s on some sites - at the moment I write my own T1s + a VA to post accounts and am very careful with them.

    Some people use FCS Networker (I don't like the spelling mistakes of their site, silly I know, but I have a penchant for accuracy). Others use AWC and various others. Have a search on here and BHW and see what others use. I personally don't want to pay a huge amount for spun drivel and although my process is a little labour intensive at the start, it's a one-off job. I can add to the folders whenever I like and SER will pull those articles too. 

  • @JudderMan Haha, no worries, I totally get it. I wouldn't buy it either. I mean they're promoting article writing related software and didn't even bother checking for typos on their sales website.
    Same goes for ACW. I've looked into it, before, but their tutorial video has got some depressing music in it. This always makes me wonder if they were to cheap too just spend 10-20$ on Fiverr and get a decent voicer over. Don't know.. just puts the whole product in a strange light, you know?

    May I ask what exactly you mean by 'pretty cool for T1s on some sites'? Is it only useful for very broad niches, or is it about the quality of the output texts?
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    AutoContentWriter is quite good for T1s but I always edit and check the content first. BHW has a good discount for it and the guy that made it (collywobbles I think is his name) is on this forum too.
  • @JudderMan Right on. Thank you very much this. You've been of invaluable help.
    One last question though - do you spin the articles created by ACW (using WordAI) and then submit them to your T1, or what is your process with this one?
    If I'm not mistaking, ACW only supports TheBestSpinner and SpinnerChief.
  • Yeah I spin them with WordAi and edit them to ensure that it looks good enough.
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    Alright, so in summary:

    T1 (quality content): Use ACW + WordAI for spinning
    T2 and below (uniqueness > readablitiy): Get Article Lite + Heavy Spinning using WordAI

    Again, I can't thank you enough. You've really shed some light on this topic, for me.
  • Yup :) 

    Lemme know how you get on. 
  • @JudderMan

    So, I actually bought ACW. I guess you could say I'm somewhat satisfied with the results of the articles. It's definitely not T1 worthy, but still much easier and faster than writing an article all by myself. To be fair, my niche is really small, so I figured there wouldn't be much content about it.

    About Get Article Lite - I tried what you said and downloaded it from the official website, but the .exe won't open. Would you mind sharing yours? Maybe they updated it, but didn't notice that the file is broken.
  • For those using and recommending Article Lite, how does that compare to Kontent Machine and ACW and WAC, etc.?

  • If I'm not mistaken this is a plain Article scraper. No spinning, no nothing. This can be really great for lower tier content if you combine it with WordAI and heavy spinning.
    But I'm not 100% sure, as the Get Article Lite.exe won't open for me.. it appears to be broken.
  • Tixxpff  thanks for the suggestion on getting a better video done at fiverr, I never thought of that to be honest. Software developers are often the worst at documentation and marketing...

    You are absolutely right about lack of content causing issues, content scrapers/mashers like ACW don't make the content up they just scrape relevent existing content and mix it up.

    The key to getting good source content is using the right keywords. This includes putting quotes around phrases and using negative keywords.

    Thanks for you interest anyway.
  • @collywobbles No worries, mate. I'm actually quite satisfied with ACW. But yeah, the video thing is definitely something you should look into. A simple fiverr voice over Gig will surely do wonders. It's all about how you present yourself and your product.

    The key to getting good source content is using the right keywords. This includes putting quotes around phrases and using negative keywords.

    Are you suggesting to use whole sentences as exact match keywords? I assumed that the more vague the KWs the better the results, since you're not setting up so very strict rules. At least that's what I did, since I operate in very small and very specific niches.
    Since you're already in this thread - mind sharing some tips & tricks? ;)
  • The way ACW works is to scrape for articles using a google like syntax. So if you search for dog training ACW will scrape articles that contain the word "dog" and the word "training". But you can use quotes around phrases and also use a minus sign before a word to ignore articles containing that word eg

    "dog training" -puppy collar

    This will find relevant source articles that contain the exact phrase "dog training", contain the word "collar" but do not contain the word "puppy".

    The better (ie more relevant) the scraped articles then the better will be the mashed output.

    ACW makes sure that every word/phrase you use in the keywords must be present in the scraped articles.

    Of course this doesn't work very well if you start using brand names or specific product names, there just isn't the content out there on the article sites. I am working on a solution to this but it's taking longer than I hoped.

    Hope that helps
  • @collywobbles Yes, it does help. I already did it like you described, but still good to know that my method was correct.

    Here's a suggestion for your next update:
    If possible I'd like to see an article scraper that simply scrapes the whole article instead of scraping for sentences and putting them together in a new article.
    This way people are able to scrape for relevant articles and maybe rewrite/spin them by hand if they're looking for high quality output, or they can simply take the whole article and throw it into WordAI and superspin it and get thousands of unique articles.

    The problem right now is that for both options, high quality content and lower tier content, we still need to look over the whole article, maybe rewrite/delete a couple of sentences.
    I haven't seen this option in any article scraper, yet and I personally think this would be an awesome feature.
  • Kontent Machine and SEO Content Machine are able to scrape only articles. Also if you have scrapebox there is some plugins that are great for article scraping.
  • @DexterLab Ok, I didn't know that. I've never used KM, since it's too expensive for me and my SEOcontentmachine trial ran out. Gotta refresh it and try it again. Thanks for the info.
  • I am using SEO Content Machine - it scrapes not only articles sites but also wesbites from google. You can also add own sources its not very easy but you can. I tested a lot scrpers and SCM seems to be the best for me. Check also Content Foundry - very good but its $20 / month
  • Thanks @tixxpff, that has already been suggested and is something I am looking to implement as well as scraping your own sources / google sources.
  • Yeah I can't say enough good things about SEOCM - if it's in your budget it is absolutely worth it.

    I believe Spinnerchief 3 Ultimate license is *much* better value than WordAI Turing and Standard plans for that matter.  "Super Readable" (the equivalent of using Turing spinner in WordAI) does seem to be just as good at rewriting plus you get the SpinnerChief application as well as API that can be used in many content creators including SEOCM.

    For $67 per year or $180 lifetime you get 250 API submits per day, max 5000 words per submit.
  • I'm using SpinRewriter now. I am WAY more than happy with it. Can't believe this one never gets mentioned in any of these threads. At least for spinning.
    For article scraping I'm still using SEOCM - it's the best.
  • Anyone have any issue with the auto fill of Wicked Article Creator?

    I got recently an error with WAC it says (( Sorry But I Was Unable To Fill From WAC ))

    Anyone Can Help Me Please How To Resolve This Issue?

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