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Need advice on why I'm repeatedly loss position after GSA SER

edited April 2014 in Need Help
Hi there, I'm totally new on this forum and whole GSA SER bussiness so I'm pretty sure I
must been doing some basic mistakes, which I can't solve on my own. That's why I need
your advice guys.

So basically these are my first SER campaigns ever. My plan was to use many WEB 2.0
sites as my money sites, lets say, each one to target particular long tail
keyword. I used some cloaking methods to show users Good quality content (basically
as an image) and far below some spuned content (not much = around 300 words, maybe
too few? unique but unreadable for humans content) for search engines. I leave them alone
for about 4 months, when they pretty much get indexed around 40-50 position in google.
Then every time I used SER, after 2 weeks my sites keep getting knocked down for my
main keyword in google. They are not deindexed, as they still shows up in serps, but
completely disappered for main keywords.  

SER settings I Used:
It's my first campaign so I'm still using SER + captcha breaker on my own computer
(24h/a day for two weeks and then it happens) using normal public proxies. I didn't
use tiered backlinks, I link everything straight to my money site. In SER I used:
- blog comments, forums, guestbooks, image comments, indexer, microblog, social
  bookmark, video web 2.0 and wikis.
- as keywords: first 6 related to my niche, and about 500 general english words,
- anchor text is my main keyword,
- In article manage I insered 4 long articles in spintax,
- Checked to use every english language search engine,
- used 1 hotmail e-mail to sing up to forums...

And stats from campaign for ONE web 2.0 sites.


  • goonergooner
    When you start building links to a site that has no links it's normal for the serps to drop.
    Keep building links and they should return higher than normal.

    However, that is very general advice. In this case you might be better off pointing only contextual links at your money site.
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    Set minimum domain PR of 3 and weed out the sh*t results. Trust me, it works wonders ;)
  • Try and get 85% for dofollow links as well as Spunko's advice.
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