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No targets to Post to: Help required

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Hi everyone,

I am facing a problem here.

For some reason, all the tiers are showing a red triangle and says" No targets to post to (maybe blocked by search engines, no url extraction chosen, no scheduled posting) ".

With respect to this thread, I created a separate folder and filled it will over half a million generic seed keywords using Kaykay's free file splitting tool. I then used this token in the keyword field for all the tiers as discussed by Ron:

%spinfolder-C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Working Directory\spintax% as shown in the pic below.


After 1 day, red triangles showed up for all my Tiers. It is to be noted that earlier I was using just 800 relevant keywords which I got from Google Keyword Tool. Even then, red triangles were showing.


I have already made the changes as pointed out by experienced GSA users in this thread. My LPM is fluctuating from 10 to 20 which is pretty low. :-S

The links in Tier 1 just does not seem to increase. It is approximately same even after 2 weeks. What are your suggestions ?


  • Look in your log and see what is happening. Are you wasting time on tons of search engines that gives no results? Also are many of your proxies banned on the engines that gives lots of results? It is very possible that SER is just going through your url cache faster than it is finding targets.
  • I checked my proxies in ScrapeBox. All of them are working fine. I bought them from I have been using the settings ad engines as recommended by I am using 60 proxies with custom waiting time of 30 seconds. Public proxies are not used anywhere. For Tier 1, I have selected Articles, Web 2.0, Wikis and SEREngines contextual do follow only.

    Can looking at log reveal whether my proxies are getting banned on the engines that gives lots of results?

  • goonergooner
    When posting to contextuals, especially with dofollow filter, SER will find it hard to find relevant targets.
    I don't scrape with SER but i would think that is normal.
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    As discussed by Ron and other pros, it is useless to build links to a nofollow link pointing back to my money site. For Tier 1, I have to select contextual do follow so that it increase in PR over time and thereafter increasing the rank of my money site. However, this post of contextual links being increasing hard to find by Ron comes as bad news to us :(

    An alternative is to build Manual web 2.0 contextual blogs and use GSA to build backlinks to them. Do you think if I but a red pill from the SERLists help me to build more do follow contextual links ?

    Gooner, you said you don't scrape with SER. Can GScraper/Scrapebox be used to scrape for do follow contextual links for GSA?
  • goonergooner
    I disagree that it's useless to post nofollow links to your money site.
    Your link profile should contain dofollow and nofollow, that is a natural link pattern.

    I'm not sure about scraping for dofollow, i've never tried.

  • Gooner, do you use GSA to build Tier 1 links? If yes, do you face problems to get do follow contextual?
  • goonergooner
    edited April 2014
    Honestly, i never check if they are dofollow or not. In my experience it doesn't really matter.

    EDIT: Sorry i forgot your other question... Yes i do build links to tier 1. I find scraping with GS/SB is much better to find good targets.

    Hope it helps.
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