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Can this be done with GSA

Hi All,
I am wondering if the following can be done.

I want to create 100 Web 2.0 properties.
Then submit different bits of content to them. ( eg 23 might have 1 article, 13 another article and so on )

What I want to then do is repeat the process and submit different content to diff amounts of these created Web 2.0's.

In the creating these web 2.0 properties where i can just keep on adding different content to them all, and in time growing the size of them with amounts of content.

What I dont want to do right now is to simply create 1000,s of web 2.0 properties with simply 1 article on them.

i hope you get what I mean.

Hence my title on the thread, can this be done with GSA.

If so how are you managing to do it.
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