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I Am currently running a 69 Article Directory Projects and I have 55 private paid proxies.

And my boss wants to add more AD (article directory)  Projects.

 note : I am using SER for AD projects only.

 My Questions :

1. Can I put 40 more projects or more?

2. What could be the result if we Add more projects?

3. What would be the good submission setting for this(if i could add more projects)? (eg. Threads to use : 100 , HTML timeout : 120)

4. Please dont be rude on answering. Im just a newbie in using SER :)


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    Project don't depend on proxies, you can have 101 project, 5 threads and 1 proxie... Threads depend on proxies, how much connections simultaneously software is going to make...

    So if you have 100 projects (as you do) and put them on 200-300 threads (depending on your server and connection) you should be just fine... Regarding timeout, more threads bigger time out (you will allow more time for sites to load before GSA disregards them)...
  • ok

    thanks for that LWD   

    but im still waiting for the other suggestions

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