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'Scraped' Port Option for better Hands Off Approach

Would love to have a 'scraped' port option for GSA SER. Where you just dump all freshly scraped links into it and GSA SER would automatically process this and sort them into Identified Engines. This option would turn out above Identify Port as this is the step before it. It would be a good hands off approach where you just keep loading new keywords into your external scraper and it would dumped into your 'scraped' port.

If this is not possible, would an external program for 'identify and sort in' be possible from you guys?


  • SvenSven
    Such a program is done by a 3rd company and should be available soon.
  • What company @sven? This is something I have longed for and was going to have something custom developed. 
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro

    @bencrabara are you talking about a scraped folder above identified? I have to go through each server and import my scraped lists a couple times per day to all of my campaigns.
  • @Brandon Yes, that's the main reason I would like to get a scraped port. So that you won't have to touch your servers just to import fresh scraped lists. Makes Ser's automation better. Just set gscraper to drop files to a dropbox folder and let gsa ser read to that folder.

    But as sven has said, someone is in the process of releasing an external program. I just hope they implement a 'continuous read' of the specific folder.
  • SvenSven
    @Justin wait and see ;)
  • @sven how long should we wait and see?

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