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1 specific link + several user chosen/random verified links in one Article - How to achieve this ?

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I am struggling to create an article with a) one specific link to my 1st tier site + b) several links to my 2nd tier sites. Got aprox. 1000 of those for 2nd tier and want to insert 3 - 5 random ones from a list, however one link (to 1st tier) has to be present in all of the submissions. Hope this makes sense.
Tried to put it manually in first paragraph (<a href=""main url</a>) got distorted results or no link at all;


  • SvenSven

    You can use the option to insert random URLs and chlick the box with "Own URLS". In there you can also use macros like


  • @sven - thank you sven, this is great solution. As I understand I can create just usual tier 2 project and add my tier 1 url via "own urls".

    Nevertheless, i found out that when I wrote the code (<a href=""main url</a>) directly in article via ser panel it does not work. However, if I copy-paste it from notepad it works like a charm.

    Is it a bug ?
  • SvenSven
    Sorry the syntax you use here is wrong, maybe a forum issue. Use pastebin to show the article.
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