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Re-Verify of T2 and T3

What happens on verification of Tier-2 and Tier-3 links?
I guess that a reverify removes deleted contextuals from the verified links periodically. Assuming I have a Tier-2 which was deleted on reverify no more Tier-3 backlinks are build on this deleted Tier-2. So far I think I got it.
But what happens on Tier-3 links which were build before the Tier-2 have been deleted. Will they also be removed or will still be links build on the Tier-3 where no more a Tier-2 exists for?


  • if the tier 2 entity is removed there will no longer tier 3 links be built to it. The tier 3 with a link to the now non existing tier 2 will remain, as it is still working and pointing to the address it was assigned to link to. (at least that is how I understand it @Sven?)

    btw, do not verify tier 3 unless you have links pointing to it, waste of resources.
  • "btw, do not verify tier 3 unless you have links pointing to it, waste of resources."

    Not sure that's good advice. If you're using an indexing service none of your T3 links would be indexed...and that seems a bit pointless.
  • SvenSven

    Actually that broken tier structure is removed completely. 


    Money <- TIER2 <- TIER3 <- TIER4 [BROKEN] <- TIER5 < 6 <- 7 <- ...

    Every Link pointing to the broken Tier4 link is removed from TIER5,5,6,7...

    BUT! If the site is still online, each tier will try to reuse that link and use it for another link as e.g. the account has been created before and should not be wasted.

  • Sven, thank you for clarifying that the broken link is removed from the link tree completely. This means that "useless" links from a SEO point of view are avoided completely.

    @filescape,@Ferryman I only build sink links to my T3 but I don't want to "waste" that "waste" ;-) and so I verify my T3
  • Wow, that is one hell of a job with SER restructuring the link tiers. I'm blown away.

    @kumme74 sorry, the small "re-" disappeared somehow. you can skip re-veryfiying the liks nothing points to. Not veryfiying them would be absurd :D
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