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[QUESTION] What Questions Should I Ask Myself On Why I'm Getting Low LPM And How Can I Improve This?

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Hello, I've currently just started using GSA past few weeks, and I am currently running 5 Campaigns with more intentions adding 5+ more each and everyday

I bought several AA Lists from people and almost think that I have the "right settings" and "right things to have" for Churn and Burn/To achieve my goal

PS: My goal is to Rank Youtube videos everyday with most competitive keywords, aiming at least 20-25k backlinks with all of them

My OPTIONS options:
VPS: Intel Xeon E5-2650 3 cores, 3.95 GHz, 10 GB Ram
Current Submission Settings:
Current Captcha Settings:
Indexing used is Indexification

My old methods of importing sitelists are through the FAILED Folder but my friend mentioned me to Import Site Lists through all campaigns manually because that has more results

Now to the CAMPAIGN Settings
These are the SITES that all my campaigns post to
How To Submit and Verify:  My search Engines are all English so @Sven suggested me is to Toggle all English countries
Scheduled Posting and Filter URLS:
EMAILS: I use same 75 emails per 10 campaigns
PROXIES: I use 30 dedicated private proxies

I've noticed I've been getting A LOT of these too:
Verification of _____ Not Successful
No Engine matches
and A LOT of Download Failed

Let my experiences be a guide of improvement for not only myself, but to also everyone who's new and trying to improve here  

With the current AA Lists that I have which is about 200-250k, I AM STILL getting around 8-15Lpm 

Now my question is: What Questions Should I Myself On Why I'm Getting Low LPM And How Can I Improve This?


  • molchomolcho Germany
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    my first idea, you have no pr checking, and you post only to sites with pr1 and above,
    make a pr checking
    and untick the pr box on higher tiers

    and when you always check your mails with your server ip, on 100 or more mails they blocked your ip, take your proxies for this. In the settings you have this untick, but in your mails is the function on, i have no idea what the SER do on this settings.

    and the mails only for one project, agree with fakenickahl
  • I am very tired and on my phone, but I have to tell you to never use the same mails on more than one project. You will waste a lot of time. Also, why do you bother scraping within ser when you have got good lists. However you should ask yourself whether or not your AA lists even are any good. Finally hover your mouse on pingback and you will realize it is a waste of time.
  • Hopefully others can provide some input. Some comments (from by no means an expert). Here are some thoughts:

    1) Why are you using the search engines when you have a list. If I'm not wrong, it slows things down and you probably don't need to.
    2) I heard using the scheduler slows things down too (I think that's what Ron or someone mentioned recently)
    3) You have a filter of posting to only PR1 and above (domain) - I think this slows things down and I think it's better to import the list into a program (e.g. Gscraper) to check the domain PR and then get rid of those below PR 1 then import it back in so you don't get SER to filter by PR. I think that's faster.

    Having said that, maybe it's your list that's not good (overused by others). And your proxies could also prove to be a problem though who knows. 15 LPM seems very slow. How many verifieds are you getting in a day?
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    Thank you all, I appreciate all your responses, I will immediately take a look and listen to what you're saying all and change it so I can get better results

    I appreciate all your input, Those are the current settings that I have as of now and I will respond to you all for the reasons why I have them as of now and about your suggestions
  • goonergooner
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    Some very good suggestions here. I would also add that you have about 6 different captcha services running. I would think this will slow things down because those captchas are being sent to so many places, with 3 - 5 retries on each. This must be a huge bottleneck.

    I would consider removing some, Captcha Sniper for a start.
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    Okay thank you, I will reply to each and everyone of you. My current LPM now is 8.5LPM

    1. I actually had PR Checking toggled before with Private and Public but as I was observing other people's settings and suggestions, the majority almost have the current settings that I have which is Only Submission with Private. What do you think about this?

    2. So should I untick the "Use Proxies" on Email Verification?

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    1. Okay I will follow you to not use the same mails on more than one project. I am not familiar with how the importance of emails and how that process goes so if you say that, HOW MANY new emails should I use per project?

    2.No, I have not bothered scraping within SER as of now I'm buying lists. How am I scraping within SER? Please correct me

    3. I've disabled Pingback now

    4. What questions should I ask besides "When have you recently made that list and What's the verifieds?" for me to know that those AA lists that I'm buying are actually "Good"?
  • 1. That's the part that I'm uninformed of, what's the difference of using the Search Engines "Countries" and between me having a list? What's the significance? Aren't they just Search Engines to be posted on?

    2. I see but eventually I would need to use the scheduler as my VPS can only accomodate a few projects running

    3. But wouldn't that actually filter out the bad sites, and post on the better sites that are actually high quality and high PR? Shouldn't this suppose to help out

    4. The verifieds I'm getting a day as of now is

  • 1. Okay yes I will follow you, the reason why I have 6 current Captcha Services is because I've actually watched this person's video, and using the same settings that he has, he was able to achieve 90% Captcha solving rate, Repcaptcha included.. I just followed his settings and assumed it would be good

    2. I "assumed" that as GSA Captcha Breaker couldn't solve some captchas, it would go down the order therefore increasing the solving rate, with the retries helping out as well too, Is that how it works?

    3. What do you think about this? How many retries? What Captcha order do you recommend for me with what I have?

    4. Okay I will remove Captcha Sniper just like you said as well but I would like to hear your input why on your suggestions
  • MoRTiZz3, you should be asking yourself "what's the most intelligent use of my resources?"

    It seems like, as an example, you're posting to ALL article sites. You're trying to, that is. Have you had a look at your verified list? You could be trying to post into places that never gives you a link. That's waste of resources.

    Also, as someone mentioned, don't use the same e-mails from project to project. You see, when SER tries to create another, say, Web2.0 property with an e-mail that's already in use, it's not going to succeed. The site just tells it "oh, this e-mail already exists, pick another one."

    Nowadays I use 10 fresh e-mails per project.

    Also, you need to be running more projects if you want better Lpm.

    Read through the Lpm thread somewhere in here, it'll give you plenty of ideas for quite some time.
  • goonergooner
    Hi @MoRTiZz3,

    All the guys here gave good advice, so i would try to follow their suggestions.

    I use Captcha Breaker with 3 retries and i use ReverseProxyOCR for Recaptcha and Mollom only, with 3 retries.

    I use SER mainly for building links fast for many URLs - So i set it up like that.

    If you have fewer sites to build links to and want to get as many as possible than your captcha setup will be better, albeit much slower.
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    1. How can I know more about my verified list? How can I know on how I can prevent posting into places that never gives me a link?

    2. Okay I will follow your advise to use 10 different emails per campaign

    3. I'm currently running 5 projects right now with 5 more on the way but just making sure my VPS can acommodate it

    4. I will check that thread soon, Let me know anything else I'm missing
  • @gooner
    1. Okay I will look and follow their suggestions
    2. Me too, I want to use SER to build links ASAP and get them indexed so I can get the results
    3. How's my Captcha setup? Is it better?
  • You can try the following:
    1. Backup your current options via Options -- Advanced. This is always good practice.
    2. Make many changes at once from advices given here. Strip all captcha services, leave only CB and one of the OCRs of your choice, turn off search engines completely, remove filters from project settings, etc.

    Then try 1 dummy project (you could duplicate one of yours and play with its settings a little) and compare your submission stats. Then restore some of your preferred settings and compare, rinse and repeat. This way you will find what gives you the most trouble. Comparison is the key as only you know every nook and cranny of your setup. 
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    1. Thank you for those suggestions, I always wanna try and test which one's really giving best settings
    2. Which OCR would be better, Mega OCR or Spamvilla?
    3. Okay I will follow your directions
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    MoRTiZz3  I personally do not use OCR at all so my educated guess would be useless here, sorry :@) The thing here is to reduce the number of SER calls to various Captcha Solving services. I would be striving to reduce budget strain personally so I would go for cheaper solution, but that's just me. 

    So to recap:

    1. Enable Proxies for Email Checking.
    2. Start with CB with 2 retries only for now. Don't forget to turn off ASKMEBOT for the time being.
    3. Untick GSA indexer in Project Options. I read that it is resource hungry being. It is not necessarily bad, just turn it off for now.

    Make a copy of one project, preferrably unimportant one.

    4. Turn Off SE's in its options. Tick Article-Wiki and forum in Filter URLs if you wish to use those engines. Remove Exploits, Pingback, Referrer, Indexer, and Social Bookmarks for now.
    5. Do not skip sites with low PR and unknown PR for now, do not filter OBL, badwords, languages.
    6. Rework your email system. Import 10 unique mails into each projects.
    7. Anything else that Ive missed from the advices above. 

    Start running this project, use only Import URLs - From Site List and compare results. Then add back one-two things at a time and compare.

  • with your latest captcha settings you will have 10 chance for getting an account on the same site but this is with "retries". This means your software will ask for 10 captcha from other server. It's not a big problem on most sites but big sites uses recaptcha and it's managed from 1 place. Unless you have thousands of working proxies, your IPs will be blocked and starts to show empty image from recaptcha server. This will slow down your submitting rate and bring less verified links.
    I am currently using captcha breaker first and decaptcher for PR5+ sites. From my experience external captcha solving services mostly fail on recaptcha and even if they say they solved it, result is not matching with the real image text. So, i prefer not using them. Spending my money on those sites, i use real person solving captchas.
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