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Definitive guide to boosting LpM

varthdavervarthdaver Sydney, Australia
Hi guys.

I'm looking around for ideas to boost my LpM.  Of course I've been quite strict with my settings, because I only want quality links, but 1-5 LpM seems to be quite a poor figure whichever way you look at it.  Is there a definitive guide for boosting our LpM that you can point me to?


  • "lpm"
  • varthdavervarthdaver Sydney, Australia
    Thanks, but that's not quite a definitive (ie: all-in-one, end-to-end) guide.  I have a feeling that there's someone here that knows all this stuff, or probably someone that's already written it all up, someplace..
  • @ron service has a free newsletter that contains a guide on what each setting does and their opinion on it. 
  • varthdavervarthdaver Sydney, Australia
    Superb.  Thanks Ben.
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