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Best Settings for Churn and Burn?

Could anyone share them? I can only get 2-5k backlinks daily using the latest SERLISTS Blue List...

@ 90 threads


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    Aim for lots of links. That's what I do. If you can't create enough links, you need to figure out what's holding you back and do something about it. It's all about testing, tweaking, testing, tweaking, and then some more testing.

    No one can and no one will tell you exactly what settings to use. Why don't you just ask us to give you money while you're at it?
  • @sumusiko, If you're doing churn and burn and want high LPM I would suggest that you;

    1. Turn off all filters (PR, Badwords, etc.)

    2. Get yourself at least 30 semi-dedicated proxies.

    3. Ramp your threads up to 300ish

    4. Select all engines except Video, Web2, doc sharing, and pingback

    5. Add 10 fresh emails into the project.

    6. Hit start and see how you get on.

    For extra bonus black hat points you could also split the project into 2, one contextual and one non contextual. If you have all engines in one project, my experience has been that SER can tend to choke up a bit.

    It's not quite how I do it, but should get you started. :)
  • can you tell what keyword ratio settings you are using for c/b
  • @KayKay - I use two main anchors and one secondary.
  • BuySERListsBuySERLists Vancouver, Canada
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    @sumusiko I'm going to suggest that you have some problems with your setup. Their lists are tight and should produce for you.

    1) Proxies - how many are you using? Are they private/dedicated? Public? What's the story

    2) Captchas - what are you using, just GSA-CB? Are you using a text solver like AskMeBot? Are you using an OCR provider? All of this will drastically impact your ability to post.

    3) Projects - how many of them are you running? 

    4) Anchors - how many are you using?

    You can't just buy a list and expect billions of links. You have to set GSA SER up correctly to get the most out of it.

    Edit: wrote all of this and it seems this thread was gravedug. I'll leave it here for others to read if they have similar issues.
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    @BuySERLists - I didn't realise we'd recruited a new member in our team?

    Very original! [-X

    @KayKay - I used about 4 main terms and maybe 6 secondary related terms, and I found that the actual percentage wasn't really all that important.
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    i blast with 10k verified links direct to one money site and i dont rise in serps, is in the same position (page 6) and if i check with ahrefs i can see DA/35 PA/46, do you have any suggestion? i blast with 50 diferents anchor text and most of my links are naked urls

    articles, guestbook,comments,image, forums,trackbacks,blog comment, microblogin, web 2.0, wiki

    and nothing :(
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