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Keep Getting Out Of Memory Popup

I'm using Dedicated server with 32GB RAM

And i'm only running gsa ser with captcha breaker. 
Usually memory usage is below 5GB,

But i keep getting popup of Out Of Memory. Do you want to stop project ?
This is very annoying me because when i close it other same popup will come up and never end till i force ser close using task manager.


  • @Svenimage

    This is very annoying. I'm using dedicated server with Win Server 2008R2 64 Bit
  • gsa ser can only use 2gb of ram, so thats 30gb wasted i think - lower your thread count and try again.
  • @codie it's dedicated server so the RAM is high. It's on the lowest package. 
    The thread is just 400. 80 Private Proxies. No matter if i lower the thread same problem happened. Now i'm using v8.07 all is working fine.
  • You might be having some issue with any of your campaign.

    Try this :

    1) Restart VPS and GSA.
    2) Start all your campaigns.
    3) Edit each campaign one by one.
    4) Find it if you get the 'out of memory' pop up error message with any of these campaigns.
    5) Delete that campaign.

    Hope this will resolve the issue.
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