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Bug in engine selections when modifying all the projects at once

Hello @Sven!

I just absolutely LOVE the possibility to modify the options of all the projects all at once! Super awesome feature :)

I think I found a minor bug on it, though.

You see, let's say I have 10 projects, which all have different engines chosen.
As an example, I have one project that's posting only social bookmarks and nothing else.
Then I also have couple of projects that are posting to almost everything there is.

Now, when I paint all the projects and modify their options at once, sometimes it happens that only the social bookmars are chosen from the engines part. Then I do the changes I want to - let's just say I want to modify which global lists to use. I hit save and BOOM! Now all of the projects only are posting to social bookmarks.

I think there might be a bug here :)


  • SvenSven
    Thats not a bug but a feautre ;) Naw sorry but there is even a warning that explains it. If you want to change one setting for all selected projects, use the option in the same popup menu below the one you have chosen.
  • Ok, cool!

    My bad it is then :)
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