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Captcha service : Recaptcha OCR + DBC

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I bought a few weeks ago the ReverseProxies Recaptcha OCR, I thought it was good, but after reading a bit of discussion I saw that it's the hard reading part that need to be solved for Recaptcha, I also checked CB and I saw that the OCR is really often far of the hard reading text part. I was also checking about others engine like drupal and seen that a lot of them aren't breaked by CB and I'm getting a lot of 0/3000 like that.

So now I'm wondering first, if ReverseProxies OCR is really that nice and worth it or should I go somewhere else ? And I wanna use a paid typed by human service, so I was wondering about DBC, but they aren't other one that cost less or is better than this one ? I bought 10k solving a long time ago from bypasscaptcha, I still have the key but I can't arrive to connect to them or get back my account.

And last, how I can set DBC to be the last service that have to be used for only few captcha (like SolveMedia and other not breakable by CB and Recaptcha OCR) ? I searched how I could do this but I can't find how.



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    Oh also, I checked send only marked type in CB, so why when after 3 retry for like drupal the captcha is sent to the Recaptcha OCR service ? As the captcha isn't marked to be sent to another service.
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