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Engine selection not working

Every time I update or restart the GSA or restart the VPS, I have to manually go and re-select the specific engines (as per my requirements) for all the Tiers for my projects. (The content is already filled inside the data fields. That is not an issue) Some of the engines such as Blog comments, Forum comments etc. get unchecked automatically. I have to re-check them and this is very frustrating. :(  Am I the only one facing this problem ? How should I go about rectifying it ?


  • SvenSven
    Yes you are the only least I hear about this the first time. Are you sure you are not running SEr in some kind of a sandbox where every change made is restored after shut down? At least this behaviour would make sense only here.
  • Sandbox or no write access to the folder?
  • I made my Tier 1,2 an3 do follow contextual links as shown by Ozz in this thread of building tiered links. I tick only Articles, Wikis and Web 2.0 contextual. No problem here.

    Then I duplicated everything of Tier 1 and made it Tier 1 secondary links. I selected multiple platforms here such as Image comments, Micro Blogs, Blog comments etc. I filled the content using Content Foundry. Then, if I update GSA or restart it, it shows that Tier 1 secondary links has got only three engines ticked. That is Articles, Wikis and Web 2.0 contextual only. Other engines got un-checked. I have to again manually check the rest of the engines.

    Never heard of a sandbox. What is that? I am running is in Solid SEO VPS Newbie Plan.
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