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✔✔Minimum 40,000 Premium GSA SER Verified Sitelist Every Month✔✔

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Hey GSA Search Engine Ranker user

TIRED of low Verified Links & LpM?

Keep getting this problem on your mind ?
✘ Low LpM
✘ Low Verified Links
Get our GSA SER “Verified List” and BOOST your daily Verified Links & LpM


1. Verified list in .txt format ( unique URLs & Duplicate Domain removed )
2. sl format of verified links
3. Guides in .pdf format

Each list will limited to max 20 buyers/month

Latest List :
JUNE #1 List
Over 50k Verified Sitelist
List was built with captcha breaker + 5 thread reverse proxy OCR

Price : $30
$25 Only for 10 1st buyer
PM me to buy.
Skype : arva.lyne

FAQ : 
1. What capctha service did you use to build this list ?
- Captcha Breaker only
2. Refund Policy 
- After you bought this list there are no refund. Except i didn't send the list to you in 4 days. 
3. Will i get same result as you?
= Everyone setup on ser is different. Amount of links,lPm,verified depends on :
* number of active projects
* Email acc setup for each project
* Filtering options
* Your computer spec ( RAM,Cores,etc )
* Internet Speed
3. Do you provide same or other list for next month. Does previous links present in next month links ? 
NO. Every list have different links.
4. Does every buyer got same list ? 
Yes. But we'll limit to 20 buyer per list and mark it as sold out. If you want to buy wait for next month list.
5. Will i got every month pack for free if i buy the list now?
No. You'll only got the list that you buy. If you want next month list you need to buy another.


  • This is the 1st time i'm selling here. 

    Special Offer for 1st 5 Buyer get this list for $20 only !

    Add me in skype to discuss,
  • jkt48jkt48 Indonesia
    I first use the GSA, if you can help how to import list of URLs that will I buy from you?

    I am running  GSA on VPS.

    ** Sorry if my English is not good. I'm from Indonesia and use Google translation to write this
  • Are these domains from your own scrapes or are they from the other lists sold here ?
  • jkt48 yes i will help you how to import this list . 
    There are user guides included also 

    spammasta It's from my own scrapers. I don't resell others list
  • edited April 2014
    Without fully jumping to conclusions, something is fishy here. I purchased this list which had 55k URLs. Deduped by URL, removed 1 URL. Deduped by domain, removed 33k domains. The list I purchased only has 21k URLs rather than the reported 57k that it is supposed to have. 

    What's going on? @lemonzer
  • jkt48jkt48 Indonesia
    I'm waiting on skype. my id gandenkohkono
  • I can also confirm the same as @Justin
  • edited April 2014
    @Justin @trey06

    Read back my salesthread 

    April #1 List
    40,000+ Unique URLs
    15,000+ Unique Domains
    • It's not 57k Unique Domains... 
    Actually i give more than what i said in my thread. Look at this

    15k Unique Domains

  • jkt48  accepted you in skype. 

    2 copies left for $20 only
    10 Copies left for $25 Only
  • @lemonzer - it was less than 22,000 unique URLs after deduping by domain and URL, it was not 40,000+
  • edited April 2014
    edited : Checking back my links. I believe there are something wrong here
  • edited April 2014
    @lemonzer - no. By default, SER only removes dupe URLs from those engines that don't create a new page when adding a link (blog comments, image comments, trackbacks, etc). By default, SER only removes dupe domains from those engines that DO create a new page when adding a link (xpress engine, drupal, wordpress blogs, social networks,etc).

    Thus, removing both duplicate domains and URLs from within SER should not remove anything at all from your list with the default engines checked. Everything should already be removed and deduped but it wasn't.
  • Hey guys. There are some problem here. It was my fault. I give wrong sitelist to buyer. 
    I've replace it with new verified sitelist. Thank @Justin for let me know my mistakes. 

    Previous buyer who didn't receive update for sitelist please contact me with your 
    1. Transaction ID
    2. Your Paypal Mail
    3. Your Email 

    And i'll replace asap .  
  • Problem Fixed. List was updated. Sorry for the trouble. 
    April List #1 Stats >

    2 Copies left for $20 Before Price back to $30
  • stats link not working for me
  • Also, can you tell me where are those 2 review from (screenshot under customer review?
  • @itsme working fine here. ..
    the review is from cpaelites forum
  • April #1 list sold out !

    May #1 list will release next week
  • SER May #1 Verified Sitelist

    Stats : 

    Contact Me on skype to buy now
    skype : arva.lyne
  • SER Verified Sitelist May#1 . 

    Approx 5k was solve with reverse proxy OCR

    2 Copies Left for $20 and price will increase to $25.99

    Skype : arva.lyne

    May #2 list Ready to release next Week
  • sent you a PM
  • edited May 2014
    Replied all message on skype.
  • Vouch for this guy!

    Bought list from him 2 times and my lpm boosted from 1  to 350, and my vpm is 100+. His list is worth the investment and its really cheaper than other lists here. To be honest, i have tried other list sellers here but they cant compete his quality and prices. I am his very happy customer and he has helped me in any query i have. You guys should buy his list if you are serious in ranking you stuff in no time. He list includes some really hi pt stuff. I hope you guys get beast results too.

    Thanks and Regards
  • Thanks @Spikey . ;)

    4 Copies Left for May #1 List. 

    I've problem with my server before. JUNE #1 list will come out next week
  • MAY #1 List SOLD OUT .


    STATS >
    Over 50,000 Verified List

    CONTACT ME IN SKYPE TO BUY : arva.lyne
  • Hello mate! new user of GSA here..

    What percentage of your list are contextual? And do you have any discounted copy?

  • @cracklings1017 please see the stats yourself here.

    i'm sorry for the pastebin. Dunno why my paste deleted so fast ...
  • I dont get why you are lazy and dont have an actual buy link.
    I contacted you yesterday and no response, you are losing out on sales because I will just buy whichever list i can get my hands on first.
  • @tsaimllc i'm sorry for the delay. as i said each list will sell max 20 copies only and JUNE list is sold out now.
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