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I have configured GSA SER to use GSA_CB first and then use Death By Captcha as my secondary service.

Below are the stats
GSA_CB Recognized 2015/2015 (100%) - saved $2.80 Service 6703/6977 (96%) - paid $9.32

Are these typical results, I was expecting that GSA_CB would have a higher solve rate.

Dwayne Leach


  • so you mean like more than 100%?
  • LOL no thats not what I meant.
    I expected to see the numbers reversed, more captchas solved by GSA_CB first than my secondary service.
  • Ah, CB will solve a specific set of captchas well, most of them actually. You are probably posting to websites that have captchas CB cannot solve well - if so you will have the second service with better stats than the first.
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