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Bookmark engine please help

Hi guys,

Greetings! can anyone please help me on bookmark engine specially pligg engine, I'm not sure if the parse function on bookmark engine is not functioning properly or I didn't configure my settings right.

When running a project and my URL lists run out I reload my verified or identified again to get the new harvested URL or the URL that SER wasn't able to load due to down proxies but if I reload a list I got a lot of this

13:02:02: [-] 059/996 registration failed (another user with that email address exists) -

So I tried to log in  with all the URL that mark this note* using browser just to check if somebody else own the email, but I can successfully login using the project email and password that I entered

the account either

- is already active
- or some account says Your email is not validated yet. ( Please enteryour email address here to resend confirmation message: - *this is the message that is on browser if you visit* )

can you guys help me what setting should I put to avoid registering on the same URL if I re-import my list to re-run it since it's burning captcha.

Thank you so much in advance!

Kind regards,


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