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Input on which Recaptcha OCR to get

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I'm wondering if there's any consensus on Recaptcha (and Mollum?) OCRs. I used to use Spamvilla but I was quite disappointed with the service as almost everyone else probably. I've stopped a month or so and I'm hoping to move to another one.

What are the choices? I guess Spamvilla, Reverse and Mega. Are there any others? Which one is the best? Thoughts guys? Thanks!


  • Oh, I think there's another one - Captcha Tronix too?
  • I'm hugely frustrated by the lack of Spamvilla's response to the simplest of support questions.  Sure enough, the actual product seems good, but there's just no manpower behind it - so I figure that when I have a serious problem I shouldn't expect any kind of answer to that either.

    But what to use instead when GSA say that Spamvilla is best for Recaptcha...?  I wonder if Sven has an updated recommendation.

  • goonergooner
    ReverseProxy OCR works well for me
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