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multiple GSA SERengines questions for Sven

I have access to GSA SERengines but when I try to import previous account in order to post to them (without new registration), I have many errors

I contact GSA SERengines support but they tell me to contact Sven here.

If I try to use your beeplog format in my txt file :
I receive this message in GSA13:36:21: [-] 1/2 no engine matches -
I check I success to log in manually.

When I import Rebelmouse accounts in this format :
10:18:02: [+] 17/21 login successful -
10:18:02: [-] 17/21 submission failed (malformed data") -

idem for Blogymate.
10:25:26: [+] 01/28 matches engine Blogymate -
10:25:26: [-] 01/28 no form at all -

idem for Edublogs
10:32:45: [+] 01/32 matches engine Edublogs -
10:32:45: [ ] 01/32 waiting 8 seconds to not spam.
10:32:45: [-] 01/32 unknown login status -


  • SvenSven
    Im sorry but I don't have the scripts for those engines and I can't say much about it. Someone needs to have that running in debug mode to see what the details on those submissions are and Im sorry to gave that ball back to James but I can't fix this.
  • Thanks Sven for your time

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