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More and more nofollow on Google plus pages.

If you use or if you want to use Google plus pages as target urls, notice that now the links within posts from google plus pages are all nofollow just like twitter, Facebook or wikipedia. I still see some links from about pages as being do follow but they also added a nofollow to several of my "about" pages in two situations: 1. when the page is for a business 2. when the page is for a website with adult content. 

I decided to remove google plus pages from target urls in GSA. I think at the end, those pages will end like twitter and Facebook meaning with nofollow everywhere.


  • funny that they lure seo community in with do follow links and now its failing and being dismantled because of how rubbish it is..... there changing things around glad I didn't focus any effort on it.
  • @content32

    Opening a facebook account or a twitter account is a waste of time. It brings bad visitors and no conversion.

    It is all media propaganda. the Facebook audience is 14-18 years old and it is a gadget today.

  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    They arent nofollow if you use the app URL and access it from a regular browser. I can't recall exactly but it's something like
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