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Better List Post Processing

There is a little issue in list processing when using GSA. Often when i am importing already verified links, GSA cant post to these, even if nothing at site really changed.

What i vote for is to create a linklist (that can be optional), that will store exact urls to register> login> and post>
So we can import domains!!! from the list and GSA will already know what to do, saving tons of time increasing our success rate a lot.

Please consider this one, that can be really huge improvment.


  • We recognise the xrumer experience! :)
  • Vote this up man :)
  • GSA in engine.ini already have links or variables for register and post steps.
    That should be easy to use them in that case
  • Good idea, this would help alot with my lists!
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    What if a domain has a wordpress blog and a pligg install?
  • good idea :)
  • @Brandon what do you mean, show me a sample
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    @randomusername and

    If a domain has multiple installations (forum and a blog for example) you would be limiting the software to just post to one of them.
  • Brandon  no, beacuse every engine will have separate list for post processing.
  • edited May 2014
    Any replies from sven? I guess that could be easy added by new option in script editor.

    So when Script finds url to register, its saving it. I think its simple. Maybe its not?

  • +1 from me. This could speed things up significantly.
  • malphas its not only about speed its about success rate.

    Due to things how some platforms and gsa scripts are working, often verified links =/= identified links.

    What i mean is, importing verified =/= verified link when importing identified = verified link.
    Right now i am creating identified list and about some time i filter the identified list keeping there only domains that are in verified links.
  • Indeed. I'll rerun verified links and if they don't have the appropriate on-page footprint, they'll fail.
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