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High CPU Load Not Resolved (For Me)

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to ask if everyone is still experiencing high cpu load with GSA. I know this question has been asked and answered already but while evryone keeps saying that the latest GSA updates seemed to have this fixed . In my case it seems everything is the same.

On the earliest versions of the tool my cpu was between 30-50% max while running 2-3 projects.

Now using the latest version 8.25 my cpu is at 97% running ONLY one project. This makes me crazy as i don`t know what the heck is causing this. On the earliest versions i had no issues now i can only run maximum 1 project at a time and even with that the cpu stays at 97-99%.

@Sven could you help me fix this issue ?

P.s My config :  AMD Phenom X4 Quad-Core 3.6Ghz  4gb ram

Thanks in advance



  • SvenSven
    haven't changed much that could cause this really. :/
  • @Sven yes i was aware of this but it must be something which is causing this. I can`t afford to run only one project at a time as i have plenty of them to do but the cpu load is driving me crazy.... What can cause this ?
  • There is a huge huge difference in how ser was performing a while ago and how it performs now (in terms of cpu load). Now it`s becoming very hard for me to use it
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    I've messaged Sven about this as well, but just posting here to say that I'm having issues too...
  • @BanditIm thank you for posting here. Somehow it`s good to see that i`m not the only one having this issue. There is definitely a Ser problem and is a major issue but i think @Sven will identify and fix the problem
  • KaineKaine
    edited April 2014
    I found too, but Engine Ranker is more powerful now. There seems to be less latency between threads, this results in increased performance. 

    Your extra CPU activity is it justified by better performance ? 
    I do not say that you are wrong, but it may be normal.
  • I am having huge cpu activity with only 10 projects up to 100% CPU and average performance maybe even low performance if we consider the fact that I am using aa list
  • KaineKaine
    AA list of Engine Ranker ?
  • @Kaine i`m not noticing any increase in performance. For me it works just like it worked a while go. I`m also importing my own lists of sites to submit to.

    Without any doubt there is a bug which is causing this and all I can hope is for @Sven to identify and fix it. At this point i can only run one project at a time and i still have 97% cpu load.
  • the only thing i noticed is that when SER tries to pull URLS from the site list is when it's cpu usage seems to spike through the roof.  Not sure if that's related?
  • @hunar for me it`s stays in 97% during the entire campaign no matter if is pulling the urls from the list submitting, verifying etc... I think it`s a hidden bug somewhere where you can` t identify it quickly since @sven didn`t identified the problem so far.
  • I have this problem too even if not use any high load engines like blog comments, trackbacks..
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    This is for @Sven

    @Sven -Regarding to the high CPU load i`ve noticed something which i hope will give you an ideea on what the problem might be.

    1. When i`m unchecking "Search Engines to use" AND "Use url`s from global site lists" and i`m importing my own lists of sites -this is when the CPU load goes to 97% !

    Please note if i uncheck either one of these 2 options and not all 2 of them nothing changes and the cpu is still at 97% load

    2. If I don`t import any target list and i also uncheck the global site lists (and i`m only checking a few engine for ser to scrape on it`s own) my cpu stays between 3-5% which is more than good.

    Results :

    Without importing site lists and unchecking the global site list (and letting ser find it`s own targets) the cpu stays between 3-5%. So the problem is caused when you import list of targets and click on use global site lists. I hope this will give you an insight and will help you solve the issue.
  • yes. importing sitelist will increase the cpu usage.,.
  • SvenSven
    will have a look on this thanks.
  • @Sven -thanks for the reply. I hope this info will help you in identifying and fixing the bug

    @lemonzer- yes that`s right but if we import a list and we don`t let ser scrape by it`s own the results should be the opposite-much less cpu usage since we provide the targets.Without this bug fixed instead of this we get a high cpu load

    Hopefully with this info @Sven will identify and fix the bug.
  • I`m using my Pc to run Ser and i can feel the hot air coming out of the CPU

    @Sven -is there a way you can fix this cpu bug ? It drives me crazy especially considering the fact that i can only run one project at a time.
  • SvenSven
    I can have a look on that only when im in office...Im not right now. I will try to see on that tomorrow.
  • I must comment in here as well...

    I run 2 copies of GSA:
    1 at SolidSEO (Geek)
    1 at Powerup hosting

    The one on the Geek is choking really bad (running only one project, and the CPU is at 99%).

    Surprisingly though, the one running on Powerup is rolling quite nicely. They have the exact same settings.

    So, just to jump in and verify the problem here :)
  • edited April 2014
    Okay, an update here.

    We switched over my VPS at SolidSEO. No effect.

    I tried switching on the allow the use of global lists. Again, no effect.

    I then deleted the target url cache, and imported my verified list to all my projects.

    BOOM! CPU back to normal, memory normal, and I'm crunching away at 100+ LpM again.

    So yeah, I can verify this is most likely a bug in importing external URL lists.

    If you have this problem, stay away from importing lists until this is fixed.

    Ping @Sven

  • thanks @Artsi. Definitely a bug is causing high cpu usage when importing site lists.

    @Sven said he will have a look on it.
  • Just my two bits - noticed the same thing - high CPU with importing lists.
  • Have the same problem. I have 2 copies of SER at SolidSEO (1 x SCREAMIN ' and 1 x DOUBLE-TIME) the CPU has been around 100% since the last update. I feed SER exclusively with lists.
  • One thing I don't understand, though.

    I reinstalled couple of earlier versions: 7.98 and 8.0 to be exact, and I still had the problem of melting CPU's... Just throwing this in here it helps finding the problem.
  • After reading my post I got thinking whether it really was as I wrote.

    So I reinstalled the 8.0, shut down all the other projects but one. I disabled all the search engines and the use of global site lists. I then imported some 36k urls I had scraped, and hit start.

    And BOOM! Within 2 seconds CPU was at 99%.

    How could that happen? I'm very new to using only external lists with SER, so can't really tell... I don't know if this helps at all, just reporting what's happening for me :)

    I've never waited an update this anxiously, LOL!

    Let's hope everything will be in order soon :)
  • guys did the latest version 8.27 resolved this issue ? I`ve updated it but i didn`t started any campaign as i`m preparing a new list
  • SvenSven
    latest version should have less CPU usage. Though don't expect magic. If you use many threads, you get a high CPU usage.
  • @Sven before this bug i was running the tool at 300 threads. It will be ok if i will stick to this number ?
  • edited April 2014
    I am currently running 8.27 with 1100 threads on a 24Gb/(2) Quad Core Intel Xeon 2.26GHz and it seems quite stable. Will slowly push it up to see how far I can go..
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