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Project templates

edited April 2014 in Feature Requests
Looking around the forum I found it discussed a few times already, but not really with conclusive results. So here goes:

It would be great if we could save a project as template, i mean not only selection of engines, but all settings except the data like keywords, articles etc.

Using such a template would be pretty easy to use -> you click the "New" button, and a dropdown of template files appears below "new", and new (enter name) - e.g. "New Tier 1 Support B". It would save a lot of work setting up new projects - having to find an existing project that is similar, removing the data, removing the emails, removing the articles, checking engines to post to, checking link types, setting submission limits (I'll stop here, you get the picture).. Instead it would be one click to have a template to fill in. The reduction of workload in creating new projects would be tremendous.

I know you can duplicate projects and it has its use, but this just seems so intuitive and easy to manage.


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