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Diluting Anchor % Question

Hi guys,

I have an odd client website that is ranking for its homepage and not the inner pages. I don't do any backlinking to the homepage. The site is perfect on-page, the link profile is very good, but the homepage still ranks. The inner pages are #1-3 on Yahoo and Bing but 140+ in Google. Obviously the client wants to be up there in Google. It gets crawled well, not manual actions or penalties (as far as I can see) etc etc. The inner pages are directly linked to from the homepage. The internal linking is a bit too much in my opinion.

The only thing I can see is the previous SEO company made 19% anchor text to the inner pages. I've been trying to dilute these with just the brand or naked URL. It's taking a long time to do it as I don't want to hit the money site too hard. Would a good blast of naked URLs to the inner pages dilute it quickly enough? 

I've never had to dilute links before as I go really easy on money sites and go bonkers on the lower tiers usually, but this is me taking on someone else's mess.

Ideas welcomed.


  • What is the kw% for the homepage? since the homepage is ranking it means google thinks it is better suited, maybe the 19% is the reason for that, maybe not. Is the page silosed, or is it too small for that?
  • 6 and 7% for the three main kws I'm working on, seems so obvious now that you've said. The homepage metas has the three main keywords in the title and description (not my choice), but the inner page's content is super-optimised to my liking, and I didn't think G would choose the homepage over that. Yahoo and Bing are rightly ranking the site at 1, 2 and 3 for the main keywords, just G is being it's petty self over it LOL.

    It's not silod and they were very against any structural changes - the last SEO company charged a fortune and basically didn't do a great deal but the client paid all of that money out and doesn't want to make changes. I'm running 100% naked links to try and dilute down to the 6-7% as you rightly pointed out (thanks!).

    I love having clients money but I hate having to argue with them to be able to understand what is needed.

    Thanks again Ferry :)
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    you're welcome - have fun :P I'd even go below the 6-7%, but that is a thing you shoulld test yourself.
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