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GSA Proxy issues

I am using Proxies with my GSA, from, but they have started failing very quickly. They tell me there has been a recent change between Google and proxies, with Google seeing them as spam and stopping them. Is anyone else hearing this or having this issue?
Are there any settings in Campaigns, that will change the way proxies are used?
This change, to proxies running out overnight, has only been since I added a series of new campaigns.
Also, what settings do people use for proxies? Public or just private? I have attached my own settings for comment.
Any help gratefully received.


  • You mean for scraping or posting?
  • I use GSA for both.
  • edited April 2014
    proxies will fail for scraping ... the last time I spoke to the guys from buyproxies they suggested 1 thread every 4 proxies, so with 10 proxies you would get 4 scraping threads - otherwise you might get banned a lot by search engines. 

    Try to  increase the number of search engines you use, if you are using 2 or 3, it is much more likely to get a ban than if you use 100 or so.
  • Yep, I already use a lot.
    Is there a setting for the number of scraping threads?

    I usually use 220 threads for submission/verfiication with a timeout of 180.

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