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I seem to be getting a lot of "download failed" errors. I have 10 semi-dedicated proxies which I'm using for search engines, submissions, and verifications (no public proxies for any of these), and for PR checking I'm using public proxies.
I'm using 80 threads and have the html timeout set to 130.


  • Can you define "seem"? How many download failed do you have in which period of time?
  • A lot as in I'm seeing the message almost all the time. At least 1 or 2 times every few seconds. I've tested my proxies and they're all passed.
  • Hi runningfree73,

    Yes there are lots of download failed. All the latest versions of GSA SER has this issue and its not been noticed by GSA team. Lets pray to GOD for its solution :)
  • Do you think 130 for the html timeout is about right?
  • @runningfree73 - the timeout is ok, the threads are ok too.

    You should have about 1.4 - 2 error messages for posting per proxy per minute. Multiplied by 10 proxies that would be 14 - 20 error messges per minute just for posting. which means 1 message every 3-4 seconds.
  • Ok, thanks for the info. I estimate I'm getting slightly more than that on average but maybe it's still within the range of what's normal.
  • Running too many threads can cause this. Your server might be under powered for the number of threads you are running or you don't have enough bandwidth. Too many threads clogs the pipes.

    Download failed is caused, generally by 2 things:
    1. The page doesn't exist any more, got 404ed, etc.
    2. The download timed out.

    Try backing down your threads and see if it helps.
  • Ok, will try that. Thanks for the advice.
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