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My global option sometime just totally disappear

Hey guys, have been looking for the answer for awhile but no luck .

I am having this issue with my VPS, and it also happen to my dedi: This happen when i am running multiple projects, more than 40 i think.

The project is still running smooth, but everyday i add 10-20 new projects so i usually let them run without stop GSA SER, the only way to fix this is to close GSA SER and open again which is not really convenient. 

Anyone else having this issue? 



  • is your cpu at 9x% ?
  • @ferryman yes my CPU is at 9x% most of the time now, but it also jumping from 5x% to 9x%

    And my memory usage are 1.5gb - 1.75GB.

    I am currently running 35 projects with no filter at 500 threads, HTML timeout 120.

    It is running extremely smooth, just that now i can't do anything except close GSA SER to edit my list options. :(

  • I found that I have this problem when the CPU can't keep up with the workload, so maybe reduce threads? it may be something else though.
  • I have been getting this sporadically for a few months - this is why I asked for a 'save' button as it seemed like whenever SER was updated the settings went either back to default or back to a previous edition. When you update SER, it states that any unsaved work will be lost....but there is no way to save. I appreciate that it is meant to auto-save every few minutes, but I'm glad I'm not the only one that is seeing this type of problem. Still haven't figured it out. My servers are way to powerful to be overloaded, so I don't think it's that, and I don't run more than 300 threads any more, just found 300 is a sweet spot for my setup.

    I have 4 servers and 100s of projects so if it happens it takes forever to go through them all and double-check that the settings I left them with are still in place. I had one group of projects that had no SEs ticked and lots of other options unchecked. I only realised when there were so few verified after a weekend (as I don't tend to check SER over a weekend), so nothing had been done.

    Just bought Gscraper so if loading lists into SER stops the above problem then it has to be down to the way SER posts/searches for targets that causes a blip when there are lots of projects active (even using 20/20 scheduler) I think if there are 100s of projects that are Active (waiting for their 20 minutes) then it seems to slow SER down).

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