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"Important Messages" aren't very important. Please remove the unimportant messages.

varthdavervarthdaver Sydney, Australia
edited April 2014 in Bugs
I'm getting a lot of false positives in "Important Messages" - such as when a captcha service fails temporarily.  These aren't really important messages.
You have an option to turn off "Important Messages" completely, but we really need more granularity to this, so we can choose which messages are important and which aren't.  Obviously if a Captcha service runs out of credit, this is a more important issue, but this would not be related to a single project.  Captcha issues should not be displayed against projects, but elsewhere on the screen.


  • the option to turn off important messages refers to the ones  that appear as red triangle next to the project, not the messages in the log.
  • SvenSven
    Beside what @Ferryman said (btw thanks for helping answering a lot questions lately), you can disable those messages in advanced options.
  • @Sven - you're welcome :)
  • varthdavervarthdaver Sydney, Australia
    Erm, not sure we really got the crux of my question there...  Sorry gents.

    The setting in advanced options called "Enable important messages for projects" is simply either all or nothing.  I would like to see greater control over which kinds of "important messages" to display and which to hide.  Either that, or you may simply apply a little more thought into which messages are truly "important" and which aren't.

    As a simple step in this direction, if you just excluded from "important messages" the warnings about captcha services going temporarily offline (which happens an awful lot) this would significantly reduce the false alarms, and generally increase the value of the "important messages" feature as a whole.  MegaOCR is constantly dishing out "undefined error message" and Death By Captcha serves up "invalid-captcha" all day long.  I'm looking for a way to filter these out, without losing the other more important messages.
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