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Limit Public Proxies by Country and/or Speed

varthdavervarthdaver Sydney, Australia
GSA SER is delightfully finding thousands of working public proxies, which is lovely, but I fear that performance will be limited because it's not filtering out the slow or distant proxies.  When there are so many proxies to choose from, speed would be improved if we could just select the nearest or fastest proxies.


  • Sounds really useful for public proxies, however they are not really advisable as they are slow and leak your IP (not all of them are anonymous).

    The question is how many proxies would remain after you limit them this way ... really have mixed feelingsd about this one, but the idea itself I like very much :)

  • SvenSven
    If you just want to have fast proxies there you should simply use a low timeout value for proxy testing. All slow proxies will need much longer to reply and they are tagged as not working then.
  • varthdavervarthdaver Sydney, Australia
    Thanks Sven.
  • varthdavervarthdaver Sydney, Australia
    edited April 2014
    Say we wanted to test for true anonymity, how would we go about that?

    I have proxy goblin - would that help, if we can integrate it?
  • SvenSven
    Just check the box called "Check if anonymous" + "Remove none anonymous proxies".
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