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Does a sitelist go on for ever????

Got a great sitelist i purchased from a well know guy on here,

list contains 99K URLS

Question i have is once a project is done with a list will it complete stop (all scraping ect removed)??? I.E in theory if all urls are good, will the project leave a single link on each of the 99k urls and then stop a project?? or will GSA keep running and return 'already parsed' and 'already successful'

Another condition could be that GSA keeps going and posts another backlink url from the same project onto the url from the list making it so you have 2,3,4 and so on links from the project upon the url from the site list.

Running this list on only 5 projects with single tier i was good for 60-70LPM dropped to around 15LPM before i jacked in with more tiers to first. Am i right in thinking eventually the ~~LPM will drop to zero?? obviously i would call it a day once LPM has dropped below a level i felt was wasting effort but just wanted to know exactly how GSA SER processes a list

Reason i ask is i want to work out how i can effectively exhaust a list to squeeze all the sites i can into my VERIFIED site list, whilst being mindful of footprints etcc


  • SvenSven
    Unless you directly import the site list into the project it will never know when its done as it takes random urls from the site list each time.
  • so when i import list into IDENTIFIED folder, it is just literally a case of run the list until i start getting a LPM ratio i feel is too low?? Does this mean it will only leave one link from the project per site list url??

    What if i 'add target urls' straigh into individual project?? though i was told this is not the best way to build a site list??
  • SvenSven

    just right click on the project->import target urls->from site list

    thats how its fastest.

  • and that will still be cool for verified list/global list to be as good as can be??

    @ron does a absolutely amazing site list and it comes with the instruction to load the site file to load via the IDENTIFIED folder for best practice?
  • ronron
    edited April 2014
    @69thelement - Originally we told people to import the sitelist directly into the projects with List 1. Then SER changed a little, and it was more efficient to run them from Identified because SER seemed to be choking on the import.

    Now SER loves the import method again. And of course, we recommend it, because when you import, each project goes through each target that was imported.

    When you use identified, it chooses randomly. So you end up getting "already parsed" (which by the way isn't that bad as SER flies through those) - but it is less efficient.

    Oh, and to answer your main question...if you allow the project to post multiple times to the same domain (via settings), SER will keep posting a new link. And if the website has no restrictions on posting your URL more than once, or doesn't have a rule of only one post per email, then again, it can post forever.
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    @ron so, with the last update, can i import your List as imported? right now i followed the instructions and im using Ïndentified"


    I tried to duplicate the projects im running importing the list instead of using "Identified" but the processor and mem usage goes up to 95% Oo so i started the "old" projects again, using identified.
  • ronron
    Yes, you sure can. I imported the Blue List into my projects directly, and it is flying.

    Just for kicks, I am running just 50 contextual projects for 12 hours, and here are the numbers for just contextuals:


    So I will end up with close to 100,000 contextuals in 24 hours using the Blue List. 
  • edited April 2014
    Nice! On another note, is it important to use proxies for submission only? (using list)
    I know proxies are super needed for scrapping etc, but since im not scraping in GSA, i see no problem with the submissions can all be sent from my VPS ip, actually i think its faster, since the VPS has 1GB link, proxies are slower and can go offline.

    What you think?

    edit: I see your GSA SER use only 7% CPU, minu was using around 25% but after the last update its using up to 96%, damn.
  • @ron big fan of your work pal, can you believe i've had GSA SER for over a year and only just got into its true potential and started building site lists around 3 months back. I used to piss around with BHS SEO servers with the software loaded trying to endlessly piss around with senuke, ultimate demon and sick submitter and the rest, absolute BOLLOCKS!!!!

    Ended up doing tier 1 manually via my VA and a few out sources and eventually only using GSA for tier 2 and 3.
    A month ago BHS server crashed i lost everything, they could not back up and like an idiot i kept everything on there without back up.

    Clean break starting a fresh with fresh, clean habits, new server @sven GSA kicks dick my friend, please accept my kudos and save them for a rainy day
  • ronron
    @muxmkt - The big issue is getting your IP on a spam list and complaints. You avoid that with proxies. I would personally never post without proxies. Although you are correct that your IP could easily post, you will almost assuredly get in trouble with your internet service/vps provider.

    @69thelement - Thanks man. Now you have no excuses. I try to keep a tight rein on my backlinking. I just can't trust somebody with that. You know the old saying "Give a monkey a gun." SER does rock.
  • @ron i see, ill turn them on =) do you use proxies for email verirification too? it might block the account login in from multiples ips right? or not? (using hotmail now)
  • ronron
    @muxmktI - Yes, I use them on email. No problems.
  • Im making a test using my (private) proxies, but im seeing lots of download failed (proxy
  • @ron do you think if im only using GSA SER for personale projects (only 2 right now) it would flag my VPS IP? im only at around 15-20 LPM...and i got private proxies but im seeing alot of "download failed"msgs, so i might use only the VPS IP. what you think?
  • ronron
    edited April 2014
    @muxmkt - The number of projects has nothing to do with it. You are making thousands of IP requests and sends just on those two projects. I wouldn't do it...
  • Hi Ron,

    I also followed the instructions that came with the list.

    If it's ok to directly import the list, do we uncheck "Use URLS from global site lists if enabled"

  • I created a project and then right clicked on it and selected import target URLS.

    It then asked me if I wanted to randomize it. Does this mean it's going to continually pick random URLS forever


    did it mean it's just going to select randomly from the list until it has no more target URLS to choose from?
  • When your list will be available again @ron‌?
  • ronron
    @vahnz13 - You have been PM'd.
  • ronron
    @pendeen560 - I never saw your comment as you didn't use the '@'. Always have sitelists enabled with 'identified' checked (assuming you imported our list into identified).

    @silverdot - It just shuffles them before importing. Then whatever new order it is in after shuffling, it then processes them in order.
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