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Best way to import url from file???

edited April 2014 in Need Help
Hello guys, I'm using GSA for more than 4 month, and only now have a noob question, so what the best format of urls to import in GSA from file or clipboard. Or use like full url ===http: //   from some site base or better import only domain like ??? what do you think???

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  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    OK that engine is needs to have an URL with that parameter in it.


  • SvenSven

    You would import with fromat like:

    1 URL per line

    2. URL must start with http:// and https:// (if not and it starts with www. or a valid domain it will work as well)

    3. The URL can be a root one or direct link...for blog comments its useful to have the direct url.

  • thanks Sven, I can add that this variated for different platforms, for express engine if you import root domain it will nothing submit
  • SvenSven

    Why shouldn't a root url from that engine not submit? Can you give me a sample?

  • Yesterday I created project, then duplicate it and change mail on second project and import my base of express engines, in first project import like it was in file, in second root domains, so 1-st project about 100 verified, 2-nd 0 verified.
  • SvenSven
    Again give me a sample URL!?
  • cannot :(( in the morning (one hour ago) delete tested project, I thing its in all express engines, before I export my competitors url, they also use GSA and express engines, root them and add to my projects, result was very bad, so I created discussion here )  Just create project and import there root expres engines, you will see what Im telling about 
  • SvenSven
    do you mean expressionengine or XpressEngine ?
  • XpressEngine  in articles
  • i always go with the document_srl, as it is the easiest to scrape.
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