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Generic Captcha service?


@sven, is it possible to get a generic captcha service in CB / SER that sends request (all info, like url etc and not just posting the image) to a service.

The reason for asking is that I am trying to set up a service to solve some harder captchas using audio instead, and like to use my own system to do this. I have tried using existing api:s but having a hard time getting all the info from them,. perhaps I'm doing something wrong..

what's your thought on this? is the interfaces described somewhere available?



  • SvenSven
    thats hardly possible as you can not simple switch the image against an audio challenge. This depends sometimes on the requesting IP/proxy and if your server does this, it will simple not success.
  • You ar right, but If i can get the whole url that system can then search the html for the audio links and solve it that way. (look at mollom for example, it uses /v1/captcha/[someid].png the png can be excanged for mp3 and you wilkl recieve a audio file to solve. and it uses no backgr

    thoughts ?

  • SvenSven
    hmm yes but for recaptcha you will not have much luck on it. Sending you the whole url in a service is not a problem but might still be too much work on my end with little effort for the end user.
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