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Out of Memory with new (Upgraded) VPS

Hey guys,

Posted this a week or so ago in "need help" section but not getting any responses so posting here in hope that it might get some responses :)

...I Need a little help.. I have just upgraded my VPS from SolidSEOVPS "Geek" <2gb> plan to their "superwizard" <8gb> plan and now strangely enough i keep getting "out of memory" Errors?

My setup is:

VPS = SolidSEO Superwizard 20ghz | 8gb memory
Proxies = 100 semi-dedi (
450 threads
15 projects
Average memory usage as reported in GSA SER = 2gb

Here is a screenshot of my general settings:

I would have thought that with the faster, more powerful VPS i should be avoiding out of memory errors? - Not sure what i'm doing wrong?

Any Help would be greatly appreciated! 

Cheers guys!


  • When in doubt, you should try to play with the project and global settings. Turn off "Use URLs linking on same verified URL" in projects options for example and see what it nets you. Same with many other options available.

    You mention that you switched from the weaker plan. You certainly agree that it is not possible to have hardware part upgraded and performance degraded at the same time with all else being equal? Then it is either something is changed, i.e. number of running projects etc., or that your new setup have some issues, i.e. on the provider side maybe.
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